a USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Why don’t we get complete storage on our devices & drives

When Companies sell their storage media, be a memory card, flash drive, or a hard drive we don’t get the complete..
The truth behind that is storage media when they sell us is defined as in 10^power but the actual way on a machine to calculate is 2^power..
The companies sell storage worth GBs but they provide as (1GB = 1 * 10^9), if we divide it by 1024^3 we’ll get the actual storage space of a flash drive.

Example.. To calculate storage of 4GB flash drive :
4GB (as per sale) = (4 x 10^9) bytes
=> 4 x 1000000000 = 4000000000bytes
but actually 4GB equals 4000000000 / 1024^3
=> 3.725… GB

so you only get 93.132 % of shown amount.

Difference between Mbps and MBps

Mega bits per Second
-> Up/Down Load speed
-> Web based Transfer speed

Mega Bytes per Second
 -> file & storage
-> 1MBytes = 1 x 8 Mbits = 8Mbits

Example – To find the time 100MB file takes to download @ 56 Kbps or 56 KB/s download speed
  We first need to convert 100MB to Kbits ->
100MB = 1024KB
= 100MB * 1024 KiloBytes
= 102400 * 1024 Bytes
= 104857600 * 8 Bits = 838860800 Bits
Time taken to download 100MB or 838860800 Bits @ 56 Kilo bit per second  / s or 56000 bit per second
= 838860800 / 56000
= 14979.657 Seconds = 249.67 minutes

100MB = 1024KB
= 100MB * 1024  KiloBytes
= 102400 * 1024 Bytes
= 104857600 Bytes
Time taken to download 100MB or 104857600 Bytes @ 56 Kilo Byte/s
= 10475760 / 56000
= 187.067 Seconds =3.11 minutes


PDF Document

PDF : Portable Document Format

1. Quickly and easily created: PDF Files can be easily created or any document can be converted to the PDF format.
2. Compact & Easy to compress large files: PDF files support both raster & vector images, so as to keep the size of document minimal.
3. Self contained: PDF Document Files are self contained and don’t need any other file than just the one single pdf file that store all the images and text in a compact & one file.
4. Portable: Because of all the graphics and text are in single file, it is easy to share the document easily or portable enough to take somewhere in a flash drive or so.
5. Security: PDF Document files can be protected with a password and thus it is a secure way to keep valuable documents or make them in editable.

How to open:
PDF files can be viewed easily with the help of number of Document readers like Microsoft office, Adobe or Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, etc. These days even Web Browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome can help users to read pdf files.
You may Download the latest version from ” http://filehippo.com/download_adobe_reader/tech/  ”

How to Create:
PDF File can be created easily or converted to with the save as feature of MS Office or whenever you print a web page, choose PDF extension and save it to PC. Or just download “Adobe Acrobat DC” for the best experience on creating PDF files from here ” https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-creator-create-pdf-files.html “