Advantages and Disadvantages HTML Table

Advantages of using table
1. Tables provide webpage layout without border
2. Table provide stable and consistent means of structuring a webpage
3. With html tables are easy to use to format layout
4. Tables are html that is use to display data
5. Tables help in loading the images faster
6. Tables on the web create newspaper pages using HTML columns
7. You well find millions of tutorials on how to use tables on the web
8. If you have a large popular website that uses tables it may be better to keep using them.
9. Tables used with forms for proper structure.

Disadvantages of table in an html
1. Most of Old browsers do not support tables
2. For disabled users, those who use screen readers will find it harder to jump from section to section
3. Search engines cannot read them that well
4. Tables use more code
5. Google attaches extra weight to keywords contained in semantic tags like H1s and H2s
6. The future of the web is css and not tables

Practical List : BCA 4th Sem (Jan-June 2016)

List of Practicals : BCA 4th Sem, (Jan – June 2016)
Internet Technology & Web Page Design (BCA0404)

  1. Develop a web page containing type of Computer hardware and Software.
  2. Develop a web page that display Time table. Give the different color to Time and Days of Weak.
  3. Develop a web page that displays DMC in the center of webpage.
  4. Develop a web that illustrate embedded and Inline stylesheet.
  5. Develop a webpage containing content with different web typography (Font family, font size, color, style, margin, padding).
  6. Develop a webpage the containing different type of images and link with them respective pages. Apply the CSS style (border, border-radius, box-shadow, float, margin, padding, align)
  7. Write HTML/CSS code for developing Menu bar (Home, About, Infrastructure, Facilities, Activities, Gallery, and Contact).
  8. Develop a web page the show the World Map and hyper link neighbouring country of India.
  9. Develop a webpage which divide the page using Frame. Each frame contain different link.
  10. Develop a webpage which is logically divided into following parts using external CSS.p10
  11. Develop a webpage containing registering form.
  12. Develop a static website on any informative topic.
  13. Develop a web page that illustrates XML.
  14. Develop a webpage containing Audio and Video.

Survey : Digital Devices

Survey (सर्वे)
(Availability of Digital Devices with Laureate Students)
11 Feb 2016


  1. 77% of students in campus have smart phone.

BCA(88%), B.Pharma (78%), M.Pharm(78%) & BBA(74%).

  1. 41% of students in campus have

M.Pharm (89%), B.Pharma (49%), BBA(30%) & BCA (28%)

  1. 14% of students in campus have

M.Pharm (33%), BCA (21%), BBA(16%), B.Pharm(9%)

  1. 12% of students do not have any digital device.

BBA (19%), B.Pharm (11%), BCA (9%), M.Pharm(0%)


Note: Survey is conducted by BCA 4th Students as a part of their curriculum.


survey_11Feb2016 (3) survey_11Feb2016 (4) survey_11Feb2016 (1) survey_11Feb2016 (2)

Mr. Jasbir Singh
HOD, Deptt. of Computer Science
Laureate Institutes


Human value

Human value is a theory about “what things in the world are good, desirable, and important.” Modern society has been undergoing significant crises for last few decades. Indeed, human values are now withering very fast for which we humans are most responsible. The age-old simplicity and close ties between family and clan and village co-operation are withering fast. The growth of different modern political parties among the people and the total involvement of the masses in party politics is a contributory factor to such development.






Notes : IEEE 802

  1. What is IEEE? What are the objective of IEEE.
  2. How does IEEE Standards developed?
  3. What are IEEE 802 Standards? Explain IEEE 802 Standard for LAN and WLAN.

Concerned websites

  • and wikipedia