a USB 3.0 Flash Drive

Why don’t we get complete storage on our devices & drives

When Companies sell their storage media, be a memory card, flash drive, or a hard drive we don’t get the complete..
The truth behind that is storage media when they sell us is defined as in 10^power but the actual way on a machine to calculate is 2^power..
The companies sell storage worth GBs but they provide as (1GB = 1 * 10^9), if we divide it by 1024^3 we’ll get the actual storage space of a flash drive.

Example.. To calculate storage of 4GB flash drive :
4GB (as per sale) = (4 x 10^9) bytes
=> 4 x 1000000000 = 4000000000bytes
but actually 4GB equals 4000000000 / 1024^3
=> 3.725… GB

so you only get 93.132 % of shown amount.

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