Practical List : BCA 4th Sem (Jan-June 2016)

List of Practicals : BCA 4th Sem, (Jan – June 2016)
Internet Technology & Web Page Design (BCA0404)

  1. Develop a web page containing type of Computer hardware and Software.
  2. Develop a web page that display Time table. Give the different color to Time and Days of Weak.
  3. Develop a web page that displays DMC in the center of webpage.
  4. Develop a web that illustrate embedded and Inline stylesheet.
  5. Develop a webpage containing content with different web typography (Font family, font size, color, style, margin, padding).
  6. Develop a webpage the containing different type of images and link with them respective pages. Apply the CSS style (border, border-radius, box-shadow, float, margin, padding, align)
  7. Write HTML/CSS code for developing Menu bar (Home, About, Infrastructure, Facilities, Activities, Gallery, and Contact).
  8. Develop a web page the show the World Map and hyper link neighbouring country of India.
  9. Develop a webpage which divide the page using Frame. Each frame contain different link.
  10. Develop a webpage which is logically divided into following parts using external CSS.p10
  11. Develop a webpage containing registering form.
  12. Develop a static website on any informative topic.
  13. Develop a web page that illustrates XML.
  14. Develop a webpage containing Audio and Video.